We Offer Civil Construction, Land Remediation, Quarry Materials, Materials Cartage, Equipment Hire and Equipment Sales.

Walsh Wodonga Machinery Hire 6Walsh Wodonga is a company that has operations in civil construction, land remediation and rehabilitation, quarry materials production, materials cartage, equipment hire and equipment sales.

The company has worked on many projects where absolute care and patience is required to deliver the Client’s expected outcomes. Furthermore, Walsh Wodonga’s work routine embraces proper practise and control in Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety.

Walsh Wodonga’s main business activities are civil engineering and earthmoving in combination with the construction industry, and the manufacture and supply of quarry products. Walsh Wodonga are a specialist civil contracting company with extensive and sought-after expertise in the civil engineering industry. We have highly experienced management and staff and we offer construction, project management and civil engineering services while maintaining high quality, occupational health & safety and environmental standards.

Our services include:

  • Bulk Earthworks, Excavation, Demolition & Construction of Concrete Structures
  • Road Construction & Landscaping
  • Design Management
  • Project Management
  • Design & Construction Projects
  • Quality Engineering
  • Labour and Plant Hire

Walsh Wodonga have worked as a trusted partner and contractor for large companies in the civil engineering industry and we continue build on our good name through our dedication to hard work, employee training, innovation and meticulous attention to detail with an outstanding safety record supported by robust quality assurance procedures.